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Research Skills: Information Seeking

Information Seeking skills required of excellent PhD or doctoral students

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12 November 2010

An excellent researcher at doctoral or PhD level:

  • Acquires and develops search and discovery skills and techniques.
  • Identifies and accesses appropriate bibliographical resources, archives and other sources of relevant information including web based resources, primary sources and repositories.
  • Makes best use of a range of current tools and techniques.
  • Assesses the reliability, reputation and relevance of sources.
  • Seeks feedback from relevant groups to access other insights.

Looking ahead, a doctoral student can aim to become an excellent early-career researcher who:

  • Conducts advanced and complex searches, using a range of sophisticated information software, resources and techniques; recognises their advantages and limitations.
  • Recognises the importance of bibliometrics and citations.

Note: These skills are identified in the UK Researcher Development Framework – where they appear as A1.4 Information seeking

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