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Research Skills: Information Literacy and Management

Information Literacy and Management skills required of excellent PhD or doctoral students

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12 November 2010

An excellent researcher at doctoral or PhD level:

  • Designs and executes systems for the acquisition and collation of information using information technology (e.g. word processing, spreadsheets, simulation systems, databases) appropriately.
  • Develops awareness of information/data security and longevity issues.
  • Knows where to obtain expert advice – i.e. information/data managers, archivists and librarians.

Looking ahead, a doctoral student can aim to become an excellent early-career researcher who:

  • Develops a sustained awareness of the creation, organisation, validation, sharing, storing and curation of information/data and associated risks.
  • Understands legal, ethical and security requirements involved in information/data management, especially over time.
  • Has knowledge of purpose of metadata. 

Note: These skills are identified in the UK Researcher Development Framework – where they appear as A1.5 Information literacy and management

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