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Design challenge - summary

Design a short course in a day

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Gráinne Conole
30 November 2008

We ran this as a one day event in Sept 08 for our Faculty for Languages and Education. Faculty were put into teams of 8 - we had 9 teams. The challenge was to design a short course in a day. Each team had a table with lots of materials on, flip charts and three internet computers with our visualisation tool for design, CompendiumLD, preloaded. Around the room were a series of resource stalls with experts on hand to provide advice on a range of things: How to find relevant resources on the internet, strategies for design, case studies of practice - how others had used second life, mobile learning, web 2.0 tools etc. Also support staff from educational development, technical support, the library etc were available. The day was structured to guide teams through the process. There was a really buzz to the day and teams reported that they found the stall useful and felt they achieved a huge amount in a day.

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