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How to create a brilliant online course

Moodle online course on applying the best of design to course creation

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Gráinne Conole
30 November 2008

As an experiment Martin Dougiamas and I are creating an online moodle course 'How to create a brilliant online course'. We are populating it to begin with resources and tools developed as part of The plan is to invite the moodle community and others to co-create and evolve the course and use it as a basis for others to develop their own variants for use in their own context. If your interested in being involved or what more information contact me

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Gráinne Conole
12:46am 2 December 2008

Hi John


There are kind of two stages in terms of audience. The first are those who

might be interested in co-creating/developing the course with us. So probably others

interested or working in the area of learning design, educational developers,

learning technologists etc. The motivation would be a shared collective to develop

something that can be used in each of our own contexts. The second would be those

who would take the course - someone perhaps creating an online course for the first

time and wanting to get advice, guidance and support - the course would hopefully

provide that.

Eckart Stoermer
8:18pm 13 December 2008

Hi Grainne

On which platform will this collaboration in creating/developing of the course take place?

Do you want to allow several people to change things in the course or do you want to collect

ideas and integrate them by yourself in the course?

Maybe we need something like a wikimoodle adapted for the collaborative building of courses.

Would be great to have a moodle modul which allows to track the history of the changes of

a course. Maybe its possible to do something like that using the backup function of moodle.

Gráinne Conole
12:24pm 30 July 2010

We have shifted our thinking somewhat on this in recent months. We are currently creating a free Open Educational Resource on learning design, which essentially will provide a whole set of tools, resources and activities on learning design. You can either pick and mix stuff that is relevant or take a pre-defined guided learning pathway through the material. Topics to be covered are grouped into three broad categories:

  • Theoretical perspectives
  • Design representations
  • Dialogue

Eckart Stoermer
1:08pm 30 July 2010

Hi Grainne

This sounds quite interesting. Do you realize it within moodle?

Gráinne Conole
1:14pm 30 July 2010

Nope plan is to have it as a standalone, which of course then can be linked into Moodle or other systems. The aim is to have resources/tools/activities and then Cloudworks as a dialogic wrap around space.

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