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Keynote - Conole: The changing landscape of educational practice

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Gráinne Conole
16 November 2010

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Would love to hear people's view on our Community Indicators framework and whether or not it might be useful both in designing and evaluating social meidia. We have submitted a paper to Interactive Learning Environments describing how we developed the framework.

Gráinne Conole
11:22 on 17 November 2010

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Presentation on Slideshare

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Gemma Tombs
2:13pm 16 November 2010

Looks like an interesting keynote, asking extremely relevant questions. Hope it goes well!

Gráinne Conole
4:06pm 16 November 2010

Thanks Gemma!

Will upload the final version later



fred garnett
6:37pm 16 November 2010 (Edited 6:37pm 16 November 2010)

Really Good TEL/Soc Media pres 

Two Points

1) No Heutagogy (the art of creative teaching/pedagogy)

2) Not explicitly inclusive, still feels HE

Good Luck with it


Gráinne Conole
8:27am 17 November 2010

thanks fred and good points. Wanted to give a general overview, wasnt trying to be HE-focussed sorry if it came across like that. Also intention was to cover all types of learning not just formal. Wanted to focus on notion of communities and what that means in the context of new media both for teachers and learners. 

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