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Tool: Co-genT: Co-generative toolkit

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Rebecca Galley
16 November 2010

From the website: 

The ‘Co-generative Toolkit’ is a package of online resources to support the planning, design, implementation and assessment of curricula in higher education.

The toolkit, produced as an output of the JISC-funded Co-genT Project, was primarily set up to facilitate the co-generation of curricula by academics and employers more...
However, the resources are practical and versatile tools which can be used by education professionals, employers, students, and the wider public e.g. individuals who are seeking information on higher education entry levels and provision across the sector. Some functions are restricted to registered users, but in general, the databases are accessible to all. The site as a whole is moderated by the Co-genT Project Team.

The toolkit comprises four separate, but interfacing, components. These are the Vocabulary Builder, the Outcome Builder, the Task Builder and the Design Builder. Read more here. The detailed Co-genT user guide is available here.

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