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I just don't get it

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Christopher Jobling
16 November 2010

I've watched the videos, I've contributed some links, I've gone on the Cloudworks cloudquest challenge (which to be frank wasn't really very challenging) and I still don't get it. What's the USP of cloudworks? Why would I be here and not in classroom2.0 or in my RSS feed reader or out on the Internet?

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Effects of relationship quality on value creation in Hot Spots (Gratton, 2007, p.11)

Effects of relationship quality on value creation in Hot Spots (Gratton, 2007, p.11)

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Rebecca Galley
10:11am 17 November 2010 (Edited 10:13am 17 November 2010)

Hi Chris,

I think that Cloudworks is different in a couple of significant ways 1) that it's object-centred rather than ego-centred so that discussion and groups form around interests rather than people and 2) that it is entirely public and open. The impact of these factors is to make the groups that come together in the space transient and decidedly hetrogenous, in that people come from across different CoPs, have different experiences and view of the world (teachers, policy makers, secondary/HE/FE, students, employers etc).  I think Gratton's model above explains well what tends to happen to discursive activity when participants engage cross-boundaries, and with people who are different rather than similar in outlook, in comparison with what happens in closed networks and communities. Of course all these activities are all important for our professional development and practice, so we need a set of different types of spaces and tools to move the information and discussions around. You might of course feel that your social media network is complete; you have a set of different spaces and they all work together well. We recognise that it's not everyone will have a Cloudworks shaped hole in their lives, especially people who are already interested in social media and technologies.

We are also finding that Cloudworks seems to work well as an (social?) archive of meetings, conferences and events etc. Last years conferences are still getting a great deal of traffic and discussions will still flare up from time to time. I think the archiving thing is interesting and will be an area of focus for our research in the next year.

Christopher Jobling
12:42pm 17 November 2010 (Edited 12:43pm 17 November 2010)

Comment withdrawn (but can't be deleted!)

IT Cloudworks
6:03pm 17 June 2015 (Edited 6:17pm 18 June 2015)

Yeah I am with you on this, make no sense.

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