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ViTAL - video & education special interest group

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Clive Young
17 November 2010

Hello Cloudworkers

 If you are interested in video/media in education we invite you to join ViTAL: video in education, a new Special Interest Group (SIG) of ALT and HEA.

ViTAL aims to address the growing interest we see at DIVERSE and other forums in the use of digital video and media especially in tertiary education in the UK and beyond.

You can get involved in the SIG directly via our Ning site ( This is the platform for discussion, and sharing ideas and thoughts about the various issues surrounding the use of video within education, such as pedagogical/ technical/ legal issues and accessibility.

We also plan to run a number of videoconference discussions over the next few months and a live event in London next year. 

These will only be accessible via the Ning site.

ViTAL therefore invites you to join our online community and contribute to the current discussion topics and/or create your own topics.

The SIG also runs a wiki ( and this will be used to publish articles which have come out of discussion. We’d really like to update and republish the Click and Go video article from a few years ago, but we can only do this with your help.

We value your expertise and experience and hope you will be able to contribute your ideas and feedback. We look forward to seeing you online.

Best wishes

John Conway, Imperial College London

Phil Tubman, Lancaster University

Clive Young, UCL

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