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Activity - Cloudquest Challenge

Cloud created by:

Gráinne Conole
1 December 2010

This activity is a variant on the idea of a webquest, it provides a fun ways of exploring the cloudworks site and sharing findings. The aim is to explore the site and to give you an idea of what it contains and how it can be used.


  • If you haven't already done so, create a Cloudworks account (you can view anything on the site, but to post comments or add anything you need an account)
  • Spend a max of fifteen minutes exploring cloudworks (suggested stategies - browse clouds and cloudscapes, enter keywords in search, explore by tags, look at individual people's profiles
  • You may wish to open your search in a new tab or page in your browser so that you can easily navigate back to this cloud
  • If you are new to cloudworks you might like to take a look at our 'using cloudworks cloudscape'.


  • How many people with the firstname "Patrick" are registered with cloudworks?
  • How many people are registered with cloudworks from "The Open University"?
  • How many people are following Rebecca Galley?
  • Name three of the people Juliette Culver is following
  • Find an interesting cloud on collaborative learning
  • Find a cloudscape that was set up for a conference
  • Find a cloud you thiink is particularly interesting, say why you like it
  • What can you find in the site on mindmapping tools?
  • What kinds of clouds and cloudscapes have been tagged with the word "twitter"?
  • What's the latest cloud that has been added to the site?
  • What is the latest link that has been added to the flash debate cloudscape?
  • What three words would you use to describe cloudworks?
  • What can you find on OER on the site?

And finally...

  • Post your thoughts here 
  • Review entries on the forum from others 
  • Vote for your favourite cloud or cloudscape using the survey

Extra content

Thanks for the overview of Cloudworks. Engaging, hands on introduction.

Diane Newton
03:10 on 5 March 2012 (Edited 04:50 on 5 March 2012)

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Stephen Rowe
3:11am 5 March 2012

1. 12

2. 840

3. 112

4. Grainne, Martin Weller, Andrew Brasher


Collaborative Observation On-Line (COOL): Addressing under-exploitation of the potential of Technology Supported Learning (TSL)

6. Networked Learning Conference Hotseats 2012


An ePortfolio as evidence of research skills

PhD students are required to provide evidence of skills developed during their doctoral research, but compiling such evidence can be a time-consuming task.

In this scheme, science, maths and technology students complete an audit of their generic skills audit early in their PhD work. This audit directs them to online resources which offer guidance on what evidence to present for skills which they already have and how to develop new skills. Students are encouraged to file skills evidence in an ePortfolio, and to have it checked by their supervisor, as part of their normal working routine


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