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Regionality and Globalization in the Caribbean Context

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Robert Geofroy
3 December 2010

This cloud poses the question as to the relevance of regionalism in the context of  teriary level education in the English-speaking  Caribbean and the effect of globalisation with particular reference to the University of the West Indies as a regional institution.  The University of the West indies is now more than 60 years old and boasts an unequalled record for uniting the aspirations of the small Caribbean populace of just about 8 million spread over an archipelago that spans 3000 miles. There is a sense that UWI having been originally constructed as a regional university hs become less regional over time.

The questions posed in this cloud are:

  1. Has the University of the West Indies become less of a regional institution over time?
  2. What is causing this perception of less and less regionalism/
  3. Is a regional university a good thing?
  4. What can be done to foster regionlism?

We welcome comments on any of these questions/

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It is a fact that in the Caribbean, we all share a common heritage, common aspirations and although there are variations and influences we do have a very common culture. In the Educational arena, we can do well to cultivate all these commonalities and pool our resources across the region to improve the quality of life for us all. The celebrated Caribbean musician and playwright Dave Martin wrote a play called "Is We" in which he mentioned that we have arrived at greatness out of a collective struggle. The success we have had in cricket is evidence of this. The English philospher and scientist  Newton also acknowledged his debt to his intellectual counterparts most of whom came out of the European tradition. We need to build these traditions for ourselves here in the Caribbean and the University has already made a headstart and is the perfect platform for this enterprise. I think that a regional University is good thing and should be a priority for support from all the governments even those that have British OT status.

Robert Geofroy
00:45 on 11 December 2010

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