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Using an ePortfolio as a Tool for Reflecting on Learning and Development

Resources and References on Reflective Practice, Portfolios and ePortfolios

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Thomas Rickarby
9 December 2010

ePortfolio systems support learning and development by providing a structured and flexible space in which users are able to make records and store their insights and evidence.

Digital records and accompanying reflections can be stored in a variety of digital formats and then organised, shared, linked and edited for the purposes of ongoing development and for the publication of work to others. These and other features make ePortfolio systems an ideal tool for reflecting on our own development, but the tool is only half the picture.

In order to support the pedagogical use of ePortfolio systems in reflective practice (both in HE and at Work) I have brought together some of the references I have been working on to better understand the relationship between the use of ePortfolios and reflective practice more generally.

You are warmly welcome to discuss, critique and add to this body of references and resources.

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Thomas Rickarby
12:16pm 17 January 2011

Any comments on the usefulness of these references?

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