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JIME issues Open Educational Resources Special Edition

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Rebecca Galley
10 December 2010

The Journal of Interactive Media in Education has published a special edition on Open Educational Resources today.  The journal, which recently moved from its old website to an Open Journal Systems website, has been published online by The Open University since it was founded in 1996. 

The OER special edition consists of an introduction and five papers selected from those which were presented at the OER10 conference at the University of Cambridge in March 2010.  The papers address a number of significant challenges in the design, use and embedding of OERs.  The introduction is by Tom Boyle, of London Metropolitan University.

Andy Lane’s paper is called “Designing for innovation around OER” in which he discusses the different design approaches for OERs compared to those used for ‘closed’ educational resources.  Tom Browne and colleagues paper is a reflective case study called “The challenges of OER to Academic practice”.  Windle and colleagues raise a number of issues for successful OER deployment and reuse in “Sharing and reuse in OER: experiences gained from open reusable learning objects in health”.  Greaves et al report impressive results improving pass rates in “Repurposing with a purpose: A story with a happy ending”.  The final paper in the special issue is by Qi and Boyle which explores “Dimensions of culturally sensitive factors in the design and development of learning objects”.

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