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Research on learning design focusing on dialogue

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Elsebeth Korsgaard Sorensen
13 December 2010

On Nov. 30 at the OLnet researchers meeting, I gave a presentation at the OER researcher's meeting. At the concrete level, the presentation reported on two case studies (at the graduate level) on design of teaching/learning, each of which were designed from the perspective that "the dialogue is the curriculum" and uses a variety of educational resources. At a meta level, the presentation made a plea for incorporating an ethical dimension in design and demonstrated in the case studies the awareness/meta-learning methodology I use for employing open educational resources in design of my own teaching/learning processes.

It was a good meeting. A couple of OLnet people expressed that they want to put in a paper for the call on creativity and OER that Grainne and I have launched.

Also, I especially connected with Simon Buckingham Shum. He and I seem to have a lot of focuses in common. Perhaps we could find a way of collaborating?.... We also have a colleague in common, it appears: Dr. Ruth Deakin Crick from Bristol University, who is also focusing on quality of empowerment, digital citizenship, and learning-to-learn.

The rest of the OLnet researchers also gave interesting presentations on ongoing work.

(The above info is also to be found as a blog post)


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