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Gunter Saunders
17 December 2010

This cloud is primarily for discussing and feedingback on the use and development of e-Reflect.

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e-Reflect is part of an overall framework for getting the most out of assessment called 'Making Assessment Count'. The framework, which includes e-Reflect, is supported by the SOS model for feedback. Making Assessment Count was a project funded by the JISC as part pf the Enhancing Curriculum Delivery Programme. You can find out more by visiitng the project's pages in the Design Studio.

Access the Making Assessment Count YouTube channel.

Gunter Saunders
08:15 on 17 December 2010 (Edited 07:49 on 23 December 2010)

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Watch a videos about the e-Reflect report

Watch a videos about the e-Reflect report

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Gunter Saunders
7:49am 23 December 2010

As part of an overall process to help students and staff make more of the assessment process, a bit of software called e-Reflect has been developed. e-Reflect 3.1 is open source and can be downloaded and installed by any institution from early January 2011.

We hope that people who use e-Reflect will comment on its utility and provide ideas for its future development both from a technical perspective and also in respect to its potenail range of pedagogic uses.

Gunter Saunders
4:18pm 20 February 2011

I visited the University of Bedfordshire recently and explained how the e-Reflect tool works. Some of the areas that the staff I met with though it could be used included on study skills modules and for employabilty related learning/activities.

In addition there were suggestions that perhaps it might make sense in certain circumstances not to sue e-Reflect with 1st year undergraduates but with students in later years. Research students were one group that migth benefit from its use.

In addition it was previously suggested that e-Reflect could be of value for providing some form of exam feedback.

All of the baove are potentially interesting ideas/areas of application but how specifically coudl e-Reflect be used in these situations/scenarios???

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