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Gunter Saunders
17 December 2010

This cloud is primarily for discussing and feedingback on the use and development of e-Reflect.

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e-Reflect is part of an overall framework for getting the most out of assessment called 'Making Assessment Count'. The framework, which includes e-Reflect, is supported by the SOS model for feedback. Making Assessment Count was a project funded by the JISC as part pf the Enhancing Curriculum Delivery Programme. You can find out more by visiitng the project's pages in the Design Studio.

Access the Making Assessment Count YouTube channel.

Gunter Saunders
08:15 on 17 December 2010 (Edited 07:49 on 23 December 2010)

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Watch a videos about the e-Reflect report

Watch a videos about the e-Reflect report

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