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Making Assessment Count

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Gunter Saunders
17 December 2010

Making Assessment Count is an umbrella term for effective practice with feedback in the assessment cycle. It covers the generation and distribution of feedback by staff and the use of feedback by students.

This cloud is the space for anyone with an idea or a view about feedback to tell everyone else interested in making assessment a worthwhile experience for both student and tutor.


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Gunter Saunders
7:35pm 23 December 2010

Ideas around developing some feedback principles (or tips?)

Listed below are a few ideas/tips that arose from the Making Assessment Count project

  • Don’t assume your assessment criteria make sense to or even get found (read) by the students
  • Be wary of the potential consequences of a student’s ‘first’ feedback
  • Do not assume that students do not read their feedback
  • Ensure the feedback is legible, timely and contains suggested action points
  • Short annotations/comments in the script are not very helpful (e.g. writing so?)

Should we focus on generating some feedback principles (or are they tips??) that are:

a)      For staff

b)      Practical and specific (i.e. like tips, see below)

c)       Independent of whatever strategic framework/institutional or departmental rules a member of staff has to operate within

d)      Link wherever possible to outputs from university or JISC projects

e)      Are about either generating the feedback or ensuring the feedback is something that the student can use

Quite generic statements, possibly more suited to departmental/institutional strategy rather than ‘on the ground’ advice on what staff should do. Covers things like timeliness, clarity of assessment criteria – so a mix of down to earth simple things to do at the individual academic level and other things that are more strategic

More about what it should do rather than how you can do it or make it effective

These are more practical and are (as the URL implies) a set of ‘do this’ tips

Simon Walker
11:57am 23 January 2011

Hi Gunter, thanks for this - I think we need to take into account and work with projects that are already exploiting  the well worn principles of people like David Nicols and Kay Samball. The ones that immediatley come to mind are Alan Masson's Viewpoints (  and Mark Russell's Escape projects for Learning - An introduction to the ESCAPE project.pdf

I like the idea of tailoring tools for specific disciplines.


Rebecca Galley
10:49am 24 January 2011 (Edited 10:50am 24 January 2011)

Yes - and see also ViewPoints Assessment and Feedback activity cards on Flickr. These are a really useful tool for scaffolding language and promoting discussion about assessment and feedback within course/ module development teams.

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