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Any questions/any answers?

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Sarah Chesney
10 January 2011

Hello - I've created this additional Cloud that will run across the whole of the activity timeline.
The purpose of this Cloud is to enable any member of the community (and all with an interest in e-portfolios are members) to raise queries about e-portfolio pedagogy. This area is for the type of peripheral, tangential and varied questions that a community would help one another with, away from the structured and timed discussions on the other e-portfolio community of practice Clouds. Please feel free to pose questions, but also feel free to suggest solutions or answers.

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Kevin Brace
10:35am 24 January 2011

Dear, all I hope everything is progressing with the online activitie?.

On an eportfolio related note , I’m doing some research into assessing e-Portfolios.  So far, collectively we’ve come up with the idea of using the assessment rubrics used on traditional student submitted posters. I'm assuming that these are discussed in front of assessors, who grade the output from a predefined list of criteria.

We (Aston eportfolio interest group) thought that "posters" would provide a useful set of assessment criteria for marking the end product of an e-portfolio. This would mean we'd be assessing the visual content, without getting too bogged down into website design principles to deeply. Has anyone got more ideas of assessing the “product” of an e-portfolio. 

 And.... we’ve yet to begin discussing the e-Portfolio process. Would it be safe to assume that continual reflection would be mandatory using a framework like Driscoll?  But then how do you assess the quality of reflection?

 So many questions – so few answers.  Any advice would be useful.


ps. just stumbled across this today : International Journal of ePortfolio.

Best regrards Kevin Brace

Sarah Chesney
10:13am 25 January 2011 (Edited 10:15am 25 January 2011)

Hello Kevin, I think this is an issue where a CofP can collectively provide a rich overview of what is happening at the moment.
You may be interested in another project I'm involved in 'Digally enhanced patchwork text assessment' funded by the JISC led by University of Cumbria until July 11. One of the areas of interest that has emerged is assessment criteria of the digitally enhanced patchwork text (slightly different from an e-portfolio). To this end we have asked the project partners, to share their criteria on the project blog at . There is nothing there at the moment, but a reminder went out to the partners today saying that they have to share these.

Is this assessment an area the ePCoP community would like to explore in more depth? During the webinar on 14th Jan there was a consensus that together we could submit a paper for a conference as a 'goal' for the community. How about around the issue of assessment? This will fit well with the next week's discussions around constuctive alignment, led by Phil Gravestock.

Thomas Rickarby
3:38pm 26 January 2011

In order to assess reflection you first need some idea of what reflection is as a process and what results from the process.

If reflection is is a matter of describing and assessing your own understanding and how it relates to the things that you are doing (as a means of providing a space for new thinking to develop) then the products of high quality reflection will be a greater integration between "beliefs, values and practices" which makes use of evidence and argument and is ascertained and presented in a creative fashion.

Does this help at all?


Emma Purnell
1:12pm 31 January 2011

Hi all,

Assessment for eportfolios has always been an area I have been interested in and one that has proved difficult to come up with a definitive solution for. There was some great work done at University of Northumbria a little while ago by colleagues Alan White, Jackie Adamson and Wendy Clark who identified a taxonomy for eportfolio assessment. The taxonomy can be seen as part of the article

I was also speaking to colleagues at Manchester Met recently who have developed a rubric for assessing reflection which was really interesting. Hopefully they might be able to join some Cloudworks discussions to talk about this further.

I haven't had a in depth look myself but whilst we were part of the International Coalition for eportfolio research American colleagues highlight some rubrics that could be applied to assessing eportfolios that were designed as part of the AAC&U VALUE project, more info here

I'd be really interested in how your research goes. Speak soon


Sarah Chesney
6:58am 10 April 2011 (Edited 6:59am 10 April 2011)

HI I've added a link in the links section from the University of Wisconsin regarding assessment rubric.  Also here

EPortfolio (Digital Portfolio) Rubric

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