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Technology-enhanced assessment

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Graham Healing
21 January 2011

Where: Walton Hall (Library Seminar Rooms 1 & 2)

Time: 10.00 - 12.30, 22nd February 2011

This event was recorded and is available to OU staff via Stadium.

This event featured:

Use of iCMAs and practise quizes: Discovering Mathematics - Tim Lowe (Mathematices, Computing and Technology)

MU123 is the new entry level mathematics course replacing MU120. The course makes extensive use of formative and summative iCMAs amongst other online activities. I shall describe how the iCMAs are embedded within the course, how they were created and discuss preliminary statistics on their use by students on the first (2010B) presentation of this course.

Formative assessment in Level 3 Physics and Astronomy courses - John Bolton (Science) 

For the first time in 2010, we presented four Level 3 Physics and Astronomy courses using only formative continuous assessment (a mixture of iCMAs and eTMAs) with required thresholds of satisfactory engagement. This talk presents and analyses statistical data exploring how students used the formative assessment, whether they engaged with it as fully as with summative assessment, and whether the final course results were significantly different to those obtained in previous years. Presentation.

Practising and assessing listening and speak with Learnosity's Talkback: the Interactive Oral Assessment project - Valérie Demouy (Faculty of Education and anguage Studies)

This presentation reports on the five week pilot that took place between mid-October and mid-December 2010 with two groups of students (one studying French the other English for Academic purposes) interested in perfecting their listening and speaking skills via a voice response system. Students taking part were provided with interactive speaking activities available through Learnosity’s Talkback and completed two speaking TMAs using the same system.

The challenges of Assessment and Feedback: findings from an HEA project - Denise Whitelock (IET)

This project was undertaken by IET and colleagues from the University of Southampton and is just completing its final report. The project's aim was to produce a synthesis of evidence based research which throws light on the progress made in the practice of Assessment and Feedback in H.E. This presentation will highlight findings with respect to authentic assessment, e-portfolios, peer assessment, feedback for language learning and Advice for Action.

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