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Faculty of Education and Language Studies: Level 1 online - the challenges

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Graham Healing
21 January 2011

Where: Walton Hall (Library Seminar Rooms 1 & 2)

Time: 10.00 - 10.30, 15 March 2011

This event was recorded and made available to OU staff via Stadium.

This event featured four presentations on the use of educational technology in Level 1 modules in FELS:

Lessons from the development of an online English for Academic Purposes module – David Donnarumma (OpenELT)

This session will explore the development of an entirely online English for Academic Purposes (EAP) module. Traditionally, EAP is taught face-to-face and in small groups of 15-20 students. Faced with the challenge of producing an entirely online module (the first in FELS at undergraduate level) a module team with a wide and varied expertise was created. So, what was achieved? What was learnt? The session will focus on some of the successes and challenges the module team faced in the development, as well as provide some feedback from tutors, students and consultants.

Moderating whole-module forums – Hélène Pulker, Uschi Stickler (Languages)

Whole-module forums often present challenges to a moderator, with inappropriate, disruptive or potentially damaging postings. When should one intervene, and if so how?

This session will be conducted in workshop format, based on actual cases of problems in forum moderation, repeating a small-group exercise at a recent Teaching Forum in the Department of Languages.

The Use of Elluminate in Sport and Fitness Modules – Martin Rhys, Caroline Heaney, Simon Rae (Sport and Fitness)

In this session members of the sport and fitness team will outline their experiences of moving from face-to-face tutorials to online tutorials as part of the student support review pilot. The impact of this change will be discussed in terms of student and tutor feedback, attendance data, tutor-student allocations and innovative teaching methods that have emerged from the use of Elluminate, such as team teaching practices.

“I want to learn Spanish, not computers”: addressing student problems with Elluminate EMAs – Perry Williams (FELS Curriculum Management Office)

Last autumn (2010), Elluminate was for the first time used on all languages modules for the compulsory speaking-test element of the EMA, and a significant number of students experienced serious and extremely distressing technical problems. Analysis of the Computing Helpdesk records revealed that many of these problems could have been resolved by the students, but they lacked the basic skills and knowledge to do this themselves.

This presentation will explore the kinds of problems students faced, and how the Department is addressing the need. It will also raise the general question of how well we support students with little or non-transferrable ICT familiarity to cope with the online tools we increasingly compel them to use.

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