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Prezi - the zooming presentation tool

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Nicola Langton
25 January 2011

This tool is becoming popular at conferences and other venues because it enables you to move away from the linear approach many people adopt when using PowerPoint.  The workshop provides you with a chance to try the tool out for yourself and get some tips on what to do (or not do!)

Sample prezis:


  • Do not develop it as would a PowerPoint
  • Think visually and spatially
  • This tool can add pathways so linear is NOT needed
  • This is a zooming tool so use surprise
  • Experiment with framing +pathways Experiment with size, fonts & colour
  • Type in links to webpages


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Nicola Langton
13:49 on 25 January 2011 (Edited 13:54 on 25 January 2011)

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How to use Prezi ( 9.19 mins)

How to use Prezi ( 9.19 mins)

added by Nicola Langton


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