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Cloud created by:

Nicola Langton
25 January 2011

a place to share, find and discuss learning and teaching ideas and experiences.

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added by Nicola Langton


Larson Reever
3:51pm 2 May 2017 (Edited 2:26pm 20 May 2017)

Thanks a lot for creating this cloud!!! I´m gonna use it as a resource on the Master on Research in Education I´m currently teaching. 

By the way, I will share with you a couple of tools developed in my research team with this regard:

Sky: It is a tool to help in participatory observation of interactions with a tablet-PC.

maria lora
3:24pm 7 July 2017

nice post Cloudworks cloudquest challenge was awesome

maria lora
3:24pm 7 July 2017 (Edited 3:32pm 7 July 2017)

nice post Cloudworks cloudquest challenge was awesome. Resources in this cloud are a perfect recipe for our new project i.e press1for

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