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Suggested tags for use in this cloudscape

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Ruth Brown
2 February 2011

Here is a selection of tags that you may use to help colleagues and other users locate your cloud quickly and efficiently.  The first list comes from the UK Centre for Legal Education and is arranged in alphabetic order.  The second will be developed as time goes on, and will include tags that are not in the first list, but that seem to have possibilities ...

If you want to contribute to the second list, please email your suggested tags to me.


accessibility; active learning; administrative law; advocacy; affective domain; A level law assessment; autonomy; barristers; Bar Vocational Course; benchmarking; blended learning; block teaching; blogs; business planning; careers; case preparation; case study; client care clinic; collaborative learning; communications skills; communities of practice; company law; comparative law; competence; contract law; cooperative learning; courseware; creativity; criminal justice; criminal law; criminology; critical thinking; curriculum development; datasets; degree attainment; Diploma in Legal Practice; discussion groups; distance learning; diversity; drama; e-assessment; e-learning; e-portfolios; education; educational psychology; employability; employer engagement; engagement; enquiry-based learning; environmental law; equality; ESD; ethics; EU law; Europe; excellence; experiential learning; external examiners; external examiners register; family law; feedback; film; first year experience; forensic science; formative assessment; foundation degrees; France; globalisation; group assessment; group work; human rights; induction; information literacy; inquiry-based learning; intercultural communication; interdisciplinary approach; internationalisation; international law; international students; interprofessional education; Ireland; Islamic law; key skills; land law; law and languages; law and literature; law firms; law in practice; law schools; law teachers; law to non-lawyers; leadership; learning design; learning difficulties; learning environments; learning resources; learning spaces; learning styles; learning theory; lectures; lecturing; Legal Practice Course; legal research; legal skills; legal system; librarians; libraries; lifelong learning; managing cultural change; marking; mentoring; mobile learning; modern languages; mooting; narrative inquiry; negotiation; new academic staff; Northern Ireland; online learning; online teaching; open learning; oral assessment; oral communication skills; overseas; participation; peer assessment; peer assisted learning; personal development planning; plagiarism; podcasting; portfolios; postgraduates; practical skills; problem-based learning; problem solving; professionalism; pupillage; quality; questioning techniques;  recruitment; reflection; reflective learning; research; research skills; retention; revenue law; role play; Scotland; Second Life; self-directed learning; self/peer assessment; simulations; Singapore; skills; social justice; social work education; staff development; storytelling; student centred learning; student mobility; students; student satisfaction; student voice; summative assessment; supervision; sustainability; sustainability; literacy; Taiwan; teaching and research; team teaching; teamwork; values; virtual worlds; visual arts; VLEs; vocational courses; Wales; webcasts; widening participation; wikis.


e-tivity; purpose

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