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21st Feb-25th Feb: Garry Watkins from UCLAN will lead the discussion around the TELSTAR project.

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Sarah Chesney
7 February 2011

Garry Watkins from UCLAN will lead a discussion around e-portfolios and an enquiry based learning approach that underpins the TELSTAR project.

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The CEEBL website will provide a starting point for our discussions:


Garry Watkins
08:54 on 21 February 2011

A link to the EPPSME project page mentioned by Sarah

An extremely interesting project, providing a useful reference point for considering issues involved in using e-portfolio technology to support WBL

Garry Watkins
08:38 on 22 February 2011

The ESCALATE project together with the associated resource pack provides a useful point of reference, would be good starting point for inexperienced practitioners.

Garry Watkins
07:49 on 23 February 2011

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