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Creating a visual representation for learning design (outcome of Co-Gent discussions).

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Sarah Chesney
7 February 2011

During the discussions in Phil Gravestock's Co-Gent activity, it was decided that a useful outcome of the discussions would be a visual representation of a learning design that:
Expressed the pedagogic principles relating to e-portfolios that supports the development of constructively aligned curricula.
The purpose of this cloud is to facilitate the creation of this visual representation. All who are interested in participating are welcome to do so.

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These are the tools Rebecca suggested we consider when thinking about the visualisation:
For more suggestions go to:
Good examples of mind mapping in teaching
I suggest we make a decision about which one we are using by the end of February.

Sarah Chesney
14:33 on 7 February 2011

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added by Sarah Chesney

Visual representation of a learning design underpinned by e-portfolios

Visual representation of a learning design underpinned by e-portfolios

added by Rebecca Galley

Visual representation of a learning design underpinned by e-portfolios

Visual representation of a learning design underpinned by e-portfolios

added by Rebecca Galley


George Roberts
9:05pm 8 February 2011 (Edited 11:21am 9 February 2011)

For mind mapping I still like x-mind ( or any mind mapping tool that can put out .mm files

Sarah Chesney
9:27am 10 February 2011 (Edited 7:53am 15 February 2011)

Hi George - x-mind can go on the list then, thank you for your recommendation. To all who are interested: There will be an Elluminate session to discuss this further on 18th Feb NOW POSTPONED.
What I suggest we discuss is: 1. share our views of what learning design is (about 15 mins)based on last week's discussions in the Co-Gent activity and bring in the ePPSME experience.
2. what requirements do we need from a tool when the purpose is to collaboratively produce a visual presentation of a learning design for example we must all be able to edit it like a wiki, rather than leave it for one person to interpret other people's ideas and edit the resource (15mins)
3. Agree ways of working (10 mins)
4. Return to an earlier 'theme' of this e-portfolio community of practice - how can we write this up collobratively and present a paper at a relevant event?
Please post here if you would like to see something else discussed or have any thoughts about this agenda. If you can't attend this doesn't exclude you from the excercise. Hope you can join us, Sarah.

Sarah Chesney
10:55am 22 February 2011

Dear all,

I've searched down the list of visualisation tools - my criteria was that it had to be web-based so a number of us can collaborate online.

The best tools for this appear to be either

Cacco that has facilities for real time chat and we can insert our own images.


Exploratree which is similar to Cacoo but doesn't seem to have real time chat or the facility to insert images, but does allow collaborators to 'lock' an area which may be helpful if a number of us are working on the same thing.

Interesting that there doesn't seem to be a visual tool comparable to a text based wiki - one with a history or visible editing features.

If you email me with a request to trail either one of these, I'll set up an area for us to play with both Cacoo and Exploratree (but I'll need your email to invite you). All are welcome to join in.

Best wishes,

Sarah. email


Rebecca Galley
10:12am 23 February 2011

I've just had a quick go on the Cacco page Sarah set up (see above) and it is really easy to use and looks great. I have quickly sketched  the frame of a draft curriculum design process which uses ePortfolios that Simon Cross and I are working on here (so not directly learning focused but hopefully some similar aspects). Please feel free to remove or amend :-)


Rebecca Galley
2:05pm 28 February 2011

I've added the two visualisations we've got going in Cacoo so far - it'll be interesting to see how these develop! The first was started by Sarah - she has begun to articulate Helen Beetham's 3-dimension view of Learning Design. The second I started and it is based on our Learning Design Process model (which isn't a learning model per se but is in my mind and seemed as good a place to start as any!)What has been interesting so far is the different emphasis we have both placed on i.e. place, roles, assessment and feedback etc.

We've taken screen shots so please feel free to move things around and adapt (ask Sarah for log in).


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