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My first session: probably 'Ask: Institutional Linked Data'

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Nick Freear
16 February 2011

This is a panel session on Linked Data which sounds good (on Wikipedia).

I'll be live blogging...

Linked Data panel, 11:00 16 February 2011.

Panel, left-to-right:
* Alex ?, OpenStreetMaps, OpenOxford.
* ? works with Alex.
* ?
* ?
* Steve Owen, Lucero Project, OU.
* Ton Hirst.
* Adrian ? Lincoln university - we aren't doing linked data, but we are doing lots of JSON, ...
* ?

'Open' - if there is no open license, then people can't build a business plan around your data - too risky

Use 'data' specific license - or Public Domain.
* Don't use a Creative Commons License.
* Except CCZero / ...

Open Knowledge Foundation
* Maximum of Attribution-ShareAlike.
* Can't say 'NonCommercial'

Universities - 2 types of data:
1. Products of research (products of teaching?)...
2. Infrastructure - where my buildings are, where to get coffee...

Attribution can be difficult, messy espec. for mashups...
* So, PublicDomain + an attribution norm. - so make a requirement for every data-item in a mashup.
* An about page for your mashup application.

Suggestion - analytics is the point - how is my research data used?
* Tony - referer from an about page.
* Pingback, as in blogs...

The 5 stars - of linked open data:
* 1 star - Put it on the web, any way.
* 2 stars- Machine-readable, but not proprietary format.
* 3 stars- In an open-format - CSV, JSON...
* 4 stars- Assign unique addresses to everything - URLs.
* 5 stars- Joining up the data.
-- Open is more important than linked.

So, Alex - Open/Mobile Oxford- OpenStreetMap - 4 stars.

** Conclusion - Cloudworks/ CloudEngine API needs an open-license.

An example - Cap Gemini - linked but not open. Apparently, Cap Gemini produce and consume linked data internally each day as part of their business processes. However, it is private, and so not open.

* Don't use IP authentication.

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Rich Lovelock
1:25pm 16 February 2011

What is the relevance of the reference to Cap Gemini Nick?

Nick Freear
11:15am 17 February 2011

Good question Richard! I've added an explanation above - Cap Gemini was cited as an example of a body that uses linked data internally and privately.



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