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Lightning talks - Grails/ J2EE, Syndication, Androne, Dev8D

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Nick Freear
17 February 2011

An interesting techie talk from ? on Grails / J2EE.

Now, an entertaining talk on Syndication. Why don't people get it?

By Roger Greenhalgh: UMF programme Manager at Harper Adams University College.

Using and as a case-study. Low tech content management using feeds, RSS, XCRI etc. Shropshire Rural Hub, Warkwickshire Rural Hub and so on...

Outputting rural events on a map. But feeds for just the next 5 days or whatever - not much use for full-scale aggregation. Their take (the people running the Rural Hub sites) - if we have full feeds, then people visit your site, not ours - scary!

What's the solution...?

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Nick Freear
11:21am 17 February 2011

Jianfeng Tian is talking about quick production with Grails for London School of Economics / LSE library.

He's taked about some of the benefits, including the foundations in Java/ J2EE.

Now he's getting into the "Domain layer" - GORM - Grails Object Relation Mapping I guess!

Quite a lot of technical detail....!

Nick Freear
12:20pm 17 February 2011

Must get the award for best title...

"Improving software development efficacy by leveraging social idiosyncrasies"

by Mark Macgillivray: PhD researcher at University of Edinburgh. Session L43.

Interesting use of a "Public Pad" -

Questions - what drives people in this sector...?

Mark is proposing an open-source project for all HE institutions to centralise their student records. A bold idea, with potentially big cost savings (numbers would be useful!) Technically, their are challenges, but Mark argues that the big issues are cultural and socialogical. Getting universities to ask their students what they want from their student record. Battling percieved risks - security, data privacy, project overruns. Jasper Tredgold noted the probable variations in universities' admissions policies.

Good luck!

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