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Tony Hirst lightning talks -, Yahoo Pipes, Pipe2py... - Dev8D

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Nick Freear
17 February 2011


Yahoo pipelines are translated - functional blocks become Python modules.

All very clever, and it's on Github. Written by G Gaughan

Possible front ends - Wires? Pypes...?

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Nick Freear
3:17pm 17 February 2011

Someone at Imperial College may be working on a similar visual editor/ visualizer.

  • Try Pipe2py here,

Nick Freear
3:27pm 17 February 2011 (Edited 3:30pm 17 February 2011)

The third of Tony's three talks...! He needs a drink.

  • Data, graph, network visualization...
  • Social networks, #dev8d tag, courses, books for courses...
  • Input formats CSV, GDMF?...
  • Java based GUI, free.
  • #madewithgephi - On Twitter.

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