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Pre-event discussion : what is said about OER impact in other events?

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Sandrine Aguerre
21 February 2011

There are a few events going out about OERs, and even though they don't focus on the impact of the OER on learning and teaching, some ideas related to this issue come up in their outcomes.

If you have attended an event and would like to share the thoughts it arised about OER impact, you're more than welcome to do so in this cloud!

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The Learning from International OER projects SCORE Event took place on 17th February. The Tessa, Heat, OpenLearn and Ispot projects were discussed. Among the many interesting outcomes of the day, here is what I thought was related to the Impact of OER.

Both Tessa and Heat projects presentation emphasized the fact that OER projects success is related to "how to work with people", and that it is important to find the right people to work with (the ones who could benefit most from the project) : these projects are efficient if they are integrated to an infrastructure and to collaborative programs that aim to answer people's identified needs.

OER were presented as a TRIGGER for the projects : OER work as an argument to obtain fundings, and to get people to work together. OER can have an impact as a mean for reaching many people and building relationships. OER are also interesting from a sustainability point of view, as they enable the resources to have many potential effects and uses all around the world, without the person first involved having to work themselves on every new project (they can have an interesting snowball effect).

As far as teaching and learning is concerned, here was some of the Tessa project impact : rethinking of the teaching methods, more preparation from the teachers, a greater use of local environment, and a greater enjoyment both from teachers and pupils.

The final presentation, presenting Ispot, introduced the idea of the difference between “big OER” and “little OER” :

-         Big OER : University produces OER, with academic rigour and on a large scale

-         Little OER : Open content produced by individuals (Flicker, you tube). (“bottom-up stuff”).

Sandrine Aguerre
16:22 on 21 February 2011 (Edited 16:32 on 21 February 2011)

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Sandrine Aguerre
4:32pm 21 February 2011

This "Learning from International OER project" was really interesting, and about a wide range of subjects. To speak more specifically about the Impact of OER, I fell it may be different to speak about OER projects and OER resources. Do you feel the same?

And then, in terms of OER (resources) impact in teaching and learning, it made me think that the impact would be different depending on :

-         the relationship you’re in (Expert / trainees or peers).

-         the point of view you adopt : either user or producer (and in this, either as an institution or an individual)of resources. I feel people seem to rely on a "virtuous circle" of the OER... does this mean anything to anyone?


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