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An engaging interactive, experiential learning environment

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Gráinne Conole
1 December 2008

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StageStruck was designed for students to experience the world of the performing arts.

They are able to visit ‘backstage’and take part in tutorials covering essential

performance elements such as sound design, choreography, script writing,

costume design and set design.

Key to the engaging nature of the product is the ability to create and share

performances by choosing performers, choreographing their actions and

controlling their dialogue through choosing an acting intent.

Students can display their understanding of set design by creating the sets

for the on-stage performance. Atmospheric and spot sound effects are able to

be added to further enhance the ‘audience’ experience.

Performances can be saved and emailed to others to enjoy, or further develop,

within the StageStruck environment.

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Gráinne Conole
10:37pm 1 December 2008

This was mentioned in Piet Kommer's keynote at Ascilite 2008. This is a well known and

award winning product, one of the many innovations that came out of Australia in terms

of promoting experiential and problem based learning approaches.

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