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E-learning expectations

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Robert Geofroy
3 March 2011

There is a debate about e-learning and blended learning and it is generally felt that blended learning experiences are richer that purely e-learning experiences. Many universities have opted to deliver purely e-learning experiences as blended learning requires minimal to full face-to-face contact supplemented by the virtual support. True virtual university education does away completely with face-to-face but all players must be on-board with the techniques and tools of true e-learning. Some aspects of the traditional universities such as assessment have to be reexamined in the light of the new logistics and how well universities can depart from this is a measure of their success in the new dispensation. On-line learning has its own life. The rules are different by the very nature of things. This cloud is meant to be a forum for students to voice their own expectations and relay their experiences in on-line education.

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