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Learning spaces professional development: Leading the way for pedagogical change practice

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Pauline Porcaro
4 March 2011

We are a team of reasearchers who are keen to find out about how Institutes have prepared academics (or are proposing to prepare) for the move to teaching in innovative learning spaces.

Many of these spaces are technology enhanced offering teaching staff the opportunity to utilise the many opportunities and affordances they bring with them. Research has alerted us to the fact that many academics continue to use traditional teaching methods in these spaces because they have not necessarily been prepared for a change in pedagogy or alerted to methodologies that include using technology in a collaborative manner.

We are keen to hear about any success stories, or even those that were not so successful, so we may design a framework for change practice. We welcome your thoughts and research findings on this cloud.

Thanks in anticipation, Caroline, Geoff, Trish and Pauline

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