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I'm interested in the contrast between the high degree of interest in social-media strategies in business and marketing circles, and the low (almost non-existent) level of consideration of this topic among educational institutions and elearning practitioners. Here's one example from business.

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Matthew Moran
9:42am 16 March 2011

Guardian article on 'Social media savvy' practices in universities: 'Examples continue to appear all the time, including Stuart Hepburn's use of Twitter for student feedback in a screenwriting programme, and the University of Leicester's Duckling Project, using podcasts to support distance learning students.'

The key is trialing and using the tools and investing a bit of time, i.e. using the tools yourself in your everyday work. That's what they are for.


Matthew Moran
9:46am 16 March 2011 (Edited 9:47am 16 March 2011)

In terms of developing a social media strategy, there's a growing body of guidance out there. This one I find useful - An Awesome Social Media List Of Social Media Lists, listing case studies, sources of guidance, and tips for use of social media in learning and teaching. Dispels a few misconceptions, too (e.g. that social media use is only for big businesses).

Matthew Moran
9:49am 16 March 2011

Here's an amusing take on good and bad experiences of corporate social-media use, from Florizel Media, 'When amateurs get involved in Social Networking'.

Matthew Moran
9:17am 23 March 2011

Here are more tips for corporate practice with Facebook: 10 Tips for Posting on Your Brand’s Facebook Page

Matthew Moran
11:51am 23 March 2011

And here are some nice, free social media icons JustVector Social Icons 1.0

Matthew Moran
10:03pm 9 April 2011

The limits of top-down institutional approaches to social media, and the effectiveness of letting people get on with it, are discussed in this blog post by Jodi Harrison.

Matthew Moran
8:08am 28 April 2011

Educators perhaps have a duty to engage in social media, not merely to appear relevant or to promote themselves, but for the purposes of providing good customer service. For students, this perhaps works best at the level of the module and programme, not at the wide institutional level.

George Roberts
9:24pm 3 October 2011

Matthew, this is an incredibly useful set of resources. Thank you. We are developing various social media strategies at Oxford Brookes. As we get going, I'll come back here and contribute if you like.


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