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VLEs may or may not still be relevant, but what about their quality and the quality of elearning generally? This is the subject of a blog post on quality and campus elearning from Mark Smithers (RMIT University) who finds an astonishing lack of quality assurance applied to campus elearning resources.

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Quanda ELearning
12:18am 7 January 2013

Matthew, an interesting read, we went through the link to get a full understanding and felt that there is not only a lackof quality content in academia but it is actually become quite wide spread. eLearning in general is or at least should be at a stage init's maturity that good quality and instructioally sound eLearning material delivers end user engagement with the latest instructional design methods that are FIT FFOR PURPOSE and not just thrown together as rapid elearning. Actualy, rapid eLearning is now becoming a so rapid that educated instructional designers are on the decline now that authorware is growing in popularity which ultimatly means we have instructors (Not talking about them all) that are building online education programs that are not instructionally sound enough for online delivery. I'd welcome a discussion to understandmore about your thoughts. at Quanda we do quite a bit of research into the death of eLearning instructional design and bespoke eLearning output. you can visit us at


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