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But the nagging question remains: Are we missing something, as educators, if we aren’t using Twitter? Is Twitter worth your time?

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Jonathan Vernon
9:45pm 23 January 2013

Yes, but thoughtfully.

Marvin Oxenham
11:03am 25 March 2013

The video mainly seemed like a collection of folk using Twitter.  That's good, but I was expecting something else...

Donald Maclean
9:38am 20 February 2015

I use Twitter to gather and share ideas, find it professionally invaluable. In learning and teaching it has obvious uses, such as students following leaders in professional fields. It could be used for communication purposes, but many tools can do that better than Twitter. For CPD, I think it's great, for learning and teaching, not so sure...

Michael Martin
2:55pm 16 June 2015

I use Twitter to stay connected with educational trends, technologies, leadership strategies, collaborative opportunities, best practices, etc...  I have a Ph D, and I only say that to illuminate how much I have learned due to Twitter.  My knowledge of education has increased more during my Twitter time than in my college classes!

Schools are learning organizations, learning is what we do.  Twitter is my main source of continued learning.

Renu Chaudhary
11:03am 7 January 2016

Twitter i good plateform to share views and ideas.

3:00pm 10 March 2016 (Edited 3:09pm 10 March 2016)

I would say yes, why not. According to the latest study from book report writing service social networks are important part of today's life and they should better be used than ignored.

Arian Talbert
1:08pm 1 August 2017

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