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Review the initial training available within the careers profession

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Careers Profession Alliance
14 March 2011

The content, as distinct from the level, of initial training varies. Reviewing these variations and producing a more coherent approach will involve both paper-based review of curricula and consultation with providers and students and graduates of those programmes. This will inevitably take time. The review will respond to recommendation 7 of the Careers Profession Task Force, with particular emphasis given to STEM, ICT and LMI embedded as part of initial training. It will also examine current and future options for ‘specialism’s’ to evolve.

OUTCOME: A plan for how such work might be carried out, over what timescale and at what cost, including a descriptor of the skills and competencies required of all new entrants to the profession, and some clear recommendations on the route forward for individuals in the profession.

DATE: By 31st March 2011

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