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Review the Continual Professional Development available to careers professionals

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Careers Profession Alliance
14 March 2011

The same is true for continuing professional development (CPD), whose activities and definitions are complex and ill defined. Here too a plan will be produced for how content, quality, accessibility and participation in CPD can be progressed building upon the work already undertaken by relevant Sector Skills Councils. This will also consider the inclusion in CPD of specialisms to evolve such as LLD, HE, ICT, LMI, STEM etc. A first step towards improving professional practice is a commitment by individuals to engaging in CPD.  The first step is to ask members of the profession to formally commit to this, and to a process for reporting the scale and nature of CPD they have undertaken.

OUTCOME: A plan for reviewing CPD, and if time allows, require the Associations’ members to declare their commitment to this. Including defined CPD requirements for members of the CPA and identification of the resources to keep skills and competencies up to date.

DATE: By 31st March 2011

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