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Abstract : The Humbox: a new concept of openness in OERs UK

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Sandrine Aguerre
17 March 2011

The Humbox: a new concept of openness in OERs UK

Antonio Martinez-Arboleda
Senior Teaching Fellow in Spanish, University of Leeds

True impact of OERs in the quality of Learning and Teaching can only come through the establishment of solid Communities of Practice, which, alongside Sustainability, are key questions that OERs practitioners and theorists are trying to address in different ways at this time. However, the fact that there are different types of repositories currently operating in the UK makes it difficult for us to give overarching answers to those three questions. 
During the last year and a half I have had front-line experience in OERs, both as an institutional partner of the Humbox and as a user. This has helped me to reflect upon the way in which certain features of this repository and certain patterns of practice initiated by the Humbox Team can make a difference as far as Communities of Users is concerned and in terms of learning and teaching quality enhancement.  
Questions such as the type of resources uploaded, the intended profile of the users, or the reviewing mechanism will be explored in relation to the Humbox with a view to initiate a debate around the type of relationships between the different users that can make OERs play a central role in educational advancement in the future. 

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