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Abstract : The Impact on Learning of iTunes U Open Educational Resources

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Sandrine Aguerre
17 March 2011

The Impact on Learning of iTunes U Open Educational Resources

Terese Bird
SCORE Fellow and Learning Technologist, University of Leicester

In 2007, Apple Corporation launched iTunes U, a subset of the iTunes Store where universities, schools, and other educational institutions may distribute free learning material in audio, video, and text format. Although the term ‘open educational resources’ (OER) is not often used by Apple, iTunes U is certainly an OER channel. With 800 participating universities and having passed the 300-million-download mark in 2010, iTunes can claim to be a successful OER channel.

What is the learning impact of iTunes U OER? Tracking reuse of OER is particularly difficult with iTunes U, since it does not provide an interactive environment through which feedback can be given.

The SCORE project entitled SPIDER studies methods and good practice in the sharing of digital-media OER through iTunes U, especially at four universities: Open University, Oxford, Nottingham, and Leicester. Through these links, SPIDER has unique opportunity to examine the learning impact of OER delivered through iTunes U. This presentation will give evidence of such impact, as well as discuss the positives and negatives of iTunes U as an OER channel.

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