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Creation and curatorship in new media

John Potter (


This short paper advances the theory that curatorship can be constituted as a metaphor for a new literacy practice in new media. It is based on doctoral research in two primary schools which examined digital video authoring strategies used by children aged between 8 and 11 when they were making short, self-representational pieces. Drawing directly on the data, the presentation will show how transdisciplinary set of frameworks drawn from socio-cultural and media literacy can be used alongside an adapted form of multimodal analysis to investigate a new set of skills and dispositions around identity, memory and voice, which, as suggested by the title, merge in the concept of the producer as curator. The seminar discussion will focus on how these ideas might lead to a set of proposals for teaching and learning with digital video and other media in the primary school arising from a description of the key self-representational possibilities inherent in the medium and framed by the concept of “curating the self” as an essential skill and disposition in lived culture.

Eileen Luebcke
13:59 on 19 March 2011

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