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Eileen Luebcke
19 March 2011


This cloud represents the strand on inclusive aspects of mobile learning. The abstracts of the presentations will be added as additional content to this cloud. 

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Personalized mobile learning for people with special needs

Saeed Zare (


The domain of learning context for people with special needs is a big challenge for digital media in education. Usage of mobile technology is growing, and it affects other technologies by bringing in new innovation and methods. The reason for this growth is not only ease of use and mobility, but also improvements in interaction and functionality in different contexts. Meanwhile, the difference between cell phones and handheld computers is becoming less and less evident. Such convergence offers the opportunity of ubiquitous learning “anytime, anywhere”. Mobile learning can be seen as a bridge between higher level of abstracted knowledge and practical experiences.In order to build extendible models, mobile learning concepts are stated and models of learning processes used by teachers of students with cognitive disabilities are analysed and conceptualized. This approach takes into consideration workplace learning situations like small sequences of learning units for training of a certain skills, guided training for a particular machine, or workfows training for a specifc task. This system should support or enable the autonomous accomplishment of given tasks in order to foster the experience that cognitive complex tasks can be completed autonomously.

Eileen Luebcke
13:30 on 19 March 2011

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