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Asger Harlung
24 March 2011

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Asger Harlung
9:45am 1 April 2011

What is our commitment?

We agreed to check the cloudscape at least once a week.

That we adhere to deadlines for shared work tasks resulting from our ideas and projects.

Also, that we contribute by entering comments. If you have nothing to say for a while, say something anyway just to show you're still with us.

We should tell the network if we are away for a while.

Additions or contradictions - anyone ?



Gráinne Conole
9:20am 2 April 2011

Just to add you get email alerts to clouds you have created, you can also check the cloudscape activity stream or follow it and it will appear in your cloudstream

Roger Mills
6:55am 4 April 2011




Fine by me.  




Could you add me to the list of particpants  and do you want a digital photo.  If so can someone tell me how I can put it into cloudworks

Asger Harlung
3:30pm 7 April 2011

@ Roger

Sorry for being late. Unsure what you mean by "Could you add me to the list of particpants". Where do you mean?

Your picture was added to our homepage earlier today by the webmaster, and it looks like you found your way with the picture here on this page :-) You can always click uoyr name and edit your profile.



Roger Mills
8:03pm 17 April 2011

Just checking in as agreed

I hope you had a good trip Asger

Barry. If you are listening try Alain De Botton's book  'The Architecture of Happiness' -Hamish Hamiliton

Barry Sponder
1:19am 18 April 2011 (Edited 8:02pm 18 April 2011)

@ Roger,  found the video series. Very interesting indeed.

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