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Asger Harlung
24 March 2011

This should be our main topic forum, where we will pursue our primary objective of expliciting, combining and recombining, exchanging, and developing our knowledge and experience on support for creative skills from our respective national and educational cultures.

We will suggest and discuss possible exhanges, collaborations and research topics here.

Anyone is free to add new clouds for his/her own culture, or for any other line of debate that deserves "its own space".

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Barry Sponder
2:59pm 4 April 2011

Good idea Asger. In addition, I'd add an "s" to culture considering we all have more than one. For example, my wife is a Sherpa from Nepal and from that she belongs to several different cultures (Nepali, Sherpa, Tibetan, Wife, Woman, mother . . . ).  Our creative activities occurs within our different cultural memberships so it might be useful to note that. On the other hand . . . .

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