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Gaming in Education

Learning through Gaming stall at the Learn About Fair 2011

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Will Woods
28 March 2011

- Demonstration of gaming research including observation and biosensors

15 minutes demos in the Observation Lab (JLB) at 12 p.m., 1 p.m. and 2 p.m.

- Stall on games in education

- Experts on hand to answer questions about gaming research


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OU Teaching

Tony Nixon (Technology, MCT)

"The tiddlywinks game was developed by Tony Nixon and Karen Shipp in the 1990s for teaching elementary formula transposition to students studying the technology and science introductory modules, Living with technology and Understanding science.  It uses a simple board game which gradually evolves from manipulation counters on a board to manipulating equations, thus enabling students to both understand and become adept at performing the most basic rules of formula transposition.  This game was targetted at students with a "mental block" towards the subject and demonstrated to be very effective when tested."


"The OpenLearn team is working on an online maths game to complement interactive content around an upcoming BBC series called The Code. "


Will Woods
14:05 on 28 March 2011

Join the OU wide gaming discussion group by asking Jo Iacovides ( or Marian Petre ( to sign you up to the mailing list. We also have a wiki on the OU wiki page (see links). Next event on April 4th: Learning through games showcase in the Ambient Lab from 3-4.30pm. A chance to find out more about some of the game-related research and teaching going on at the OU.

Jo Iacovides
18:00 on 30 March 2011

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