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Keynote: Learning from the Web for Learning on the Web - Nathan Yergler

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Helen Whitehead
29 March 2011

Nathan Yergler is Chief Technology Officer, Creative Commons

Learning from the Web for Learning on the Web

The move towards open courseware and open educational resources has resulted in a tremendous shift: there are more learning materials available online for use, remix, and repurposing than ever before, and creators and learners alike are discovering new ways to collaborate. But problems exist: search and discovery are by no means solved, and when the web is your classroom, getting useful information about how learners connect to materials is difficult. Can we look to the Web for lessons that can be applied to Learning on the Web? Can we look at best practices and lessons learned, and extrapolate useful information for learning and education? What should we expect, given the evolution of the Web?

“The idea of universal access to teaching and learning resources is made possible by the Internet, but our legal and social systems don’t always allow that idea to be realised. Copyright was created long before the emergence of the Internet, and can make it hard to legally perform actions we take for granted. To achieve the vision of universal access, someone needed to provide a free, public, and standardised infrastructure that creates a balance between the reality of the Internet and the reality of copyright laws. That someone is Creative Commons.” (

Since joining Creative Commons in 2004 Nathan has been instrumental in supporting growth in the use and re-use of Open Educational Resources (OER) by educators and informal learners around the world. 

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