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Assuring Graduate Capabilities

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Beverley Oliver
30 March 2011

Graduate employability is the achievement of 'skills, understandings and personal attributes that make graduates more likely to secure employment and be successful in their chosen occupations to the benefit of themselves, the workforce, the community and the economy' (Yorke, 2006 p.8).

Also known as graduate attributes, employability skills, professional competencies and threshold learning outcomes, these capabilities are most likely to be enabled through a 360-degree evidence-based approach to curriculum enhancement.

See this site to explore all aspects of this framework: for example,  determining the capabilities and the standards (levels of achievement) required for professional readiness and safe practice, mapping them in the curriculum, evaluating evidence of achievement through student portfolios and course portfoilos, and benchmarking for continuous improvement. The site also hosts a network of interested colleagues who can initiate their own collaborative groups to engage on these matters.

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