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ePortfolios in higher ed

Report on the Australian ePortfolio Project

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Colin Warren
2 December 2008

Australian ePortfolio Project - Final Project Report (August 2008)

The overarching aim of the Australian ePortfolio Project was to examine the current levels of ePortfolio practice in Australian higher education. The research findings revealed that there was a high level of interest in the use of ePortfolios in the context of higher education, particularly in terms of the potential to help students become reflective learners who are conscious of their personal and professional strengths and weaknesses, as well as to make their existing and developing skills more explicit.

At present, however, the state of play in Australian universities is fragmented. While it is not yet equal to leading edge practice in other countries, there is clear evidence of strong interest across the sector. Ideally, the higher education sector should strive to bring together the different pieces of the ePortfolio puzzle to build a cohesive composition that will benefit individual students, the quality of learning and the value of higher education outcomes.

The Final Project Report is available to download, either as the whole report or as individual chapters.

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