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OER2011: Panel OER in Action

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Patrick McAndrew
31 March 2011

Panel of those involved in teaching to discuss how OER practice can be developed.

  • Carrie Bisgard, Coordinator of Online Learning (Teacher on Special Assignment), Whittier Union High School District
  • Deborah Cowden, Teacher, Cunha Intermediate School
  • Emily Morrison, Programs Manager, California Shakespeare Theater
  • DeLaina Tonks, Director, Open High School of Utah 
  • Lisa Petrides (Moderator), President and Founder, Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME)

Key points:

  • sharing of grades leads to sharing of practice
  • setting time aside for local sharing as well as global
  • sharing with parents gains positive feedback - teachers remain wary
  • open classes do encourage connections and early release
  • showing people oer in action helps to convince others - need data to brag

Needs from OER:

  • content, not so time-consuming, OER is "better not easier", search for fit is needed
  • OER librarian on twitter. Tweet #oerlib to get crowdsourced resources
  • YouTube is not enough - need to know it will work, not have unsuitable comments ...
  • OER needs to grow up - more, better chunked, more high school material

Do OER for designing authentic inquiry meet a need?

  • Need professional development - training how to use
  • Will be needed more with a bigger base

How does training happen for OER?

  • Demo based can work - make it fun and worth it
  • Addressing the enthusiasts
  • Build vision

How to show it works and is cost efficient?

  • Data is being gathered - but can be hard to compare as often addressing problem classes
  • Cost is hard to check as tend to be part of investment - but OER is looking to be cheaper and better
  • Having laptops in class and access is "just the way we do things" for kids

How can community help teachers?

  • Need the equipment as well as the content - plus IT support
  • Become part of the conversation - find space and time to be involved with the students and teachers
  • Make offers for help - but be specifice about how you can help
  • As parents to be involved in learning



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