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How can best practice and the wealth of successes with technologies in education be used to overcome institutionalised resistance to change?

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James Powell
5 April 2011

Often times, the idea of change itself is the biggest barrier to the introduction of new practices, and that seems to be true of the introduction of new tehcnologies. How often have you tried to inspire the use of a new method of assessing students, or simply tries to upend existing practices in a attempt to undermine long-standing problems.

With new technologies - especially in an era where new technologies are appearing almost every week - these barriers seem to be even higher. The barriers seem to be composed of fear or change, but also technophobia; doubts about their usefulness; the idea of "fads"; lack of reliable, empirical evidence about their usefulness; or more simply, lack of time, support or resources to really explain how specific new technologies can be used effectively.

But there are practitioners dotted within all of this who are implementing complimentary technologies in their contexts, not only with great success, but with new and inspiring implications for education more widely. Whether this be through adventures in Second Life or more simply, using prezi for presentations, or wikis to encourage stronger collaboration and evaluation amongst teachers and students. But where is all this good practice being documented? And how can it all be drawn upon in a way that encourages staff and institutions to take it up? How can the technologies and the successful use of them be exposed in a clear way that help overcome resistance to change?


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