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One to one online consultations- Guidelines

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Michael Clifford
5 April 2011

As the only Learning Skills Advisor on my university site, I give lots of workshops and have many face to face consultations with students. However, I am often too busy to see all students. My colleages on another site are often free when I am busy and vice versa, so we are looking to find the best way to give online consultations in which the students still have a personal service. We have the Virtual Classroom on BlackBoard and also access to Elluminate software and Skype. The worry is that these applications may be a  little impersonal and 'clunky' and deter the students from using our services. Your experiences and ideas on possible guidelines and solutions to this problem will be greatly received.

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John Sumpter
6:56pm 5 April 2011

Another way to do this would be via VoiceThread. It's asynchronous, and would allow you to build a series help guides via text, voice, or webcam. It's another way of communicating with those students that just can't get to your workshops.




David DeBrot
9:13am 6 April 2011

Hi John,

My name is David and I work with Michael. Have you ever used voice thread live with a student to consult with them about their own written work? I'm wondering if it worked well in such a situation.



Lindy Zubairy
9:48pm 7 April 2011 (Edited 9:49pm 7 April 2011)

What about live text chatting? The library at the university where i work has an 'Ask a Librarian' service open during working hours (and a bit later I think) which is just that. It seems to be good for quick queries. See the web page here. Could you not have something similar called 'Ask a Skills Advisor'?


Michael Clifford
8:00am 9 April 2011

Thanks Lindy,

Do you know if the  students are using the service?


Lindy Zubairy
12:48pm 11 April 2011

As far as I know it is a well-used and popular service

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