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How could we improve Cloudworks?

Deadline: 19 April 2011

Cloud created by:

Stefaan Vande Walle
6 April 2011

We created this cloud to extend our discussion on the use of Cloudworks beyond our H800 tutor forum.

Some positive elements mentioned in our group were:


  1. Its kind of like being told to go on a journey and being presented with 20 different routes that will all get you there just on a different track and perhaps at a different speed.
  2. The metaphor of clouds is very clear and powerful.
  3. There is a wealth of information on the site.



Some suggestions for areas of improvement were:



  1. Some clouds are empty and it costs time to check them all out to find which ones are worth exploring.
  2. It's yet another social network to share resources, links etc. Why wouldn't I make a summary of conference notes on my blog and send a link around with Twitter?
  3. The problem is that I just don't have the time to get involved in them at the level I'd like to.
What are your impressions of the site?  What suggestions do you have to improve it?


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